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3D image display in real 3D space

August 21, 2010
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How do we display the Princess Leia’s 3D image message in real space, not inside TV or something?  This is how:

1) Attach 3 to 5 miniature GPS satellites (or any other Realtime Locating System -RTLS. Let’s call it simply a “Local GPS”) around the room.
2) Make nano-robots called Voxel Agents. The nano-robot must have the following properties and capabilities:
– It has Local GPS receiver and can know its location in the room with accuracy of one voxel (say 0.1mm).
– It is capable of emitting Red, Green, Blue lights with variable intensity.
– It has a receiver for commands from Control Tower so that it can switch the light emissions on and off.
– It should be small enough to be float around with Nitrogen and Oxygen molecules, that is normal air.
3) Now fill the room with these Voxel Agents. They should float around the room in a density level higher than 1 million per cm³.
4) Build a Control Tower that generates image commands for Voxel Agents.

We can confine the Voxel Agents in a glass cube if we are not sure about how they affect our health. Inspired from the novel (and movie) “2010 The Year We make Contact” (♥Aug.2010 RiverWay)

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