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Azman dynamic query group based on OU

May 5, 2010

Two really cool new Azman features were introduced in Windows Server 2008. See here for MS Technet document.

1) You can use SQL2008 database as an Azman data store. Database is way easy and familiar object to handle for most programmers than Active Directory (or ADAM). For example, you can use Azman Roles as primary key of other custom tables.

2) You can define a dynamic LDAP query group using URL dialect. This is an important step-up since now we can define a dynamic Azman group based on Active Directory OU. This was not possible before.

Here are some examples:

Get all staff members under ‘OU=Developers,OU=Staff’ :  


Get all managerial members who have at least one reports:



If you want to use those new Azman features from web applications, the web server must be Windows Server 2008 or later. If your development machine is XP, you have to upgrade the OS to Vista or later.

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